Image by Igor Karimov

Equipment Rentals

For Equipment Inquires:


Nintendo Switches

10 Units $35 per unit comes with charger, Game Cube Adapter, Super Smash Bros Ultimate (w/ DLC), Apex Legends, Fortnite & Rocket League

Xbox One

10 Units $20 per unit comes with a controller, HMDI, & power cables
Games: Warzone, Rocket League, Rogue Company, Apex Legends


16 Units $15 per unit, 24in, 1ms, 144 Hz with 6ft HDMI and 6ft C13 Power Cables

Astro Mix Amps

36 Units $15 per unit comes with Daisy Chain, Audio Cable, Micro USB, & Optical Cable

10 Headsets $5 per unit. Comes with headset, Mic, Wired cord.